7 Ways To Stay Hard During Sex

Let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s happened to us all at some point. Some of us are affected more than others, but even the luckiest man has had an erection fail on him.

It doesn’t matter if it’s at the start or if it’s at that point of no return – losing an erection is both frustrating and often humiliating. Or at least it can feel that way. Let’s get one thing clear right off the bat here: it’s natural, don’t get angry with yourself.

Like periods for women, erections are one of those taboo topics that really shouldn’t be. There’s no shame in losing an erection and the first step to staying hard during sex is to learn to stay cool and not get annoyed at yourself. It’ll just make it harder to focus. With that said, there’s a few changes you can make in your day to day that will help you stay harder for longer.

• Stop smoking – if you’re a smoker, stop. Of course it’s not as easy as that, but this should be yet another reason for you to quit the habit. Smoking badly affects your ability to maintain blood flow to the penis and maintain a hard erection. Not to mention that the decrease in cardiovascular fitness will affect your ability to perform at 100%!

• Exercise – regular exercise improves blood flow and general wellness, but it will also raise your testosterone levels. Men who exercise will always have harder erections so get out there and workout. Resistance training is highly recommended, but cardio is also a vital factor in blood flow and heart strength, so hit the road.

• Hydration – being thirsty will impact your whole body, but your erections rely on hydrated penis tissue to operate effectively. Drink up to stay up.

• Avoid masturbation and even sex for periods of time – resisting the urge to come will give you an advantage in the sack when it comes to libido. With the build up of sexual energy you’ll find that your erection just won’t give up. If you’re worried about premature ejaculation then look at it this way: with all these steps completed you’ll be ready to come again quicker – so you can be greedy and just keep going.

• Limit alcohol – this is a no brainer. Ever heard of whisky dick? Just take it easy on this front and you’ll see some big benefits.

• Viagra – possibly where your mind went first. It’s a good one, but there are pills with bigger benefits out there.

max3• Natural Male Enhancement Pills – this is the all in one pills that will help support all of the points above. From blood flow and penis health to libido and T levels. Enhancement pills are a great way to go into every sexual encounter with the confidence of a long lasting erection.

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