Max Performer – Sex Drive, Stamina + Erection Enhancer

max3Max Performer is my new secret weapon.

I’ve been using Max performer for the last 12 weeks to overcome issues that have followed me since my teens.

And as a male enhancement product I can’t recommend it enough.

With Max Performer I now have:

• More impressive erections
• A massively increased libido
• Better stamina in bed, allowing me to perform for longer
• Greater, more intense orgasms
• And much more confidence

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From what I’ve learnt about the supplement, the key to its potency is the high quality ingredients and the special blend. There are 4 main ingredients, plus 7 supporting ingredients, designed to increase blood flow and testosterone levels.

Horny Goats Weed

Horny goats weed is the first listed ingredient and one of the keys to all the benefits of Max Performer. The ingredient is enriched in lacarin, which is a compound that helps reduce the release of PDE5 (an inhibitor of blood flow).

The effect of this is to increase blood flow to your penis, thus improving erections and sexual performance. Horny goats weed also has a part to play in increasing testosterone


bowl of maca powderMaca, a natural aphrodisiac, is another foundation ingredient that helps increase stamina and sexual desire.

It has been used throughout time as a way of harnessing the photochemicals macamide and macenes, which replenish hormonal levels as well as improving semen volume.


Korean Red Ginseng

Red Korean ginseng is an interesting ingredient, as it is believed to reduce stress and thus improve performance. Some of the effects of the ingredient include reduced anxiety and an increase in alertness.



Cordyceps (a genus of ascomycete fungi)Finally cordyceps, which is an extract from mushrooms, improves the communication between cells. Research has shown it to boost blood flow and increase oxygen uptake – 2 vital factors in improving performance and erection size.


My Results

Since buying Max Performer I’ve noticed a few things. Firstly the results only took a couple of days to kick in and they got stronger the longer I took them.

Secondly, I started to notice an obvious increase in my erection size and sex drive, which is a big benefit, but perhaps the best experience from using the product so far has been the increase in the intensity of my orgasms.

The website doesn’t go into much detail about this, but this has perhaps been the most noticeable result and if you try it for yourself I’m sure you’ll say the same thing.

If you want to try Max Performer for yourself you’ll need to visit their website

The product is an online exclusive and with your order you’ll get a money back guarantee, so there’s no chance of disappointment.

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