5 Ways To Increase Your Semen Volume, Ejaculate Harder + Enjoy More Intense Orgasms

Increasing your semen volume is one of the simplest ways to improve your overall sex life.

More volume means bigger, more intense orgasms as the increased volume is pumped out. It will impress partners and of course if you’re interested in improving your fertility it’s one of the most effective measures to take. So how can you increase semen volume and enjoy bigger ejaculations?

If you approach semen volume like you would approach training in the gym or field of sport, you’ll start to appreciate that there is a clear path to getting what you want. Just like physical training, discipline will form a major part of increasing your semen volume.

Staying disciplined and following a clear programme will get results. What goes hand in hand with that mentality is a good knowledge of how to increase it. So here are the 5 steps you need to take to increase your semen volume:

Drink lots of water

In the production of semen, hydration is the first and most simple change you can make. You need to be drinking at least 2 litres a day, and with physically strenuous or hot days this should increase to 3 or even 4 litres. If you’re the type that likes to mix it up then perhaps consider looking at other natural hydrators, such as coconut water.

Keep (testicles) cool

Your testicles are on the outside of your body for a reason – to maintain a steady and optimal temperature. The core of the body is slightly too hot for the production of semen, but other things that can affect your testicle temperature include laptops, tight boxers and even long drives. Just take care of your little buddies and give them some room to breath!


Exercise will help your overall wellness, improve blood flow and help your body produce semen more effectively by spiking testosterone levels. Weightlifting or resistance training is an obvious choice for testosterone release, as the tears in muscle microfibres stimulates hypertrophy and muscular growth – where testosterone plays a big part. Sprint training is another one for releasing T levels. Just mix it up a bit.

PC Muscle Exercises

You’d be forgiven for thinking this was something women do in yoga class, but men also have a PC muscle that when improved can affect your semen volume. Add some PC muscle exercises to your week to help boost your volumes.

max3Male Enhancement Supplements

Finally, as with any training programme, proper supplementation is the key to making the biggest gains. Male enhancement pills will naturally increase T levels, improve your libido and help aid blood flow to your genitals. Working alongside a programme of improvement, these are the most effective additions for any man looking to increase his semen volume.

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